Migrating a Datawarehouse

At some point of your Datawarehouse life cycle it may become necessary to migrate your Datawarehouse to a new platform. The reason may be increased data volumes, increased number of users or changed technical requirements. In most of the cases the performance of your current solution does not meet the requirements of the users anymore and the costs of extending the current solution have become too high.

Migration is not just copying the content of your Datawarehouse to the new platform. You need to execute a technology evaluation and selection project, setup the new system, create the data model on the new platform, build the data migration interfaces, load the data and verify the data. You also need to keep in mind that all the existing  ETL jobs must be converted to run on top of the new platform. And the same goes with the reports and other user interfaces.

All in all a migration project is a challenging task which requires experienced professionals to plan and execute the project.

Our company can provide you such experts to ensure the success of your migration project!